Seaman Kyle Antonacci, USN


Navy seaman Kyle Antonacci was found hanging by a belt in the closet of his room at Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois in February 2010. The cause of death was ruled asphyxia by hanging -- but how he died has not yet been determined.



While officials with the Lake County Coroner's Office and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service continue to study the 22-year-old's death, Kyle's parents say they are sure he didn't commit suicide. They believe he was murdered.


This five-part series, reported by Patch, explores Kyle’s story and his death through interviews with his friends and family, examination of court records, secretly recorded conversations and medical documentation. Source:


NAVY TIMES: Report: NCIS bungled rape, suicide investigations





PART 1: Navy Seaman Found Hanged In His Closet Was Murdered, Family Tells Patch


Kyle Antonacci joined the Navy in 2007 because he wanted to serve his country. Three years later, he was found hanging in his closet. His...

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PART 2: Rape Trial Leads to Navy Seaman’s Death on Military Base


When Kyle Antonacci walked into his room at Great Lakes Naval Station on the night of May 8, 2009 he was shocked to find a woman naked...





PART 3: Navy Seaman Acted As NCIS Informant On Day of Death


On the day that Kyle Antonacci died, the 22-year-old was acting as a secret informant for NCIS at Naval Station Great Lakes. On Feb. 1,...






PART 4: Family Exhumes Navy Seaman’s Body To Investigate Death (Video)


"When we saw my son's body in the casket, he looked like he was -- excuse my language -- beaten the hell out of," Al Antonacci recalled....






PART 5: Navy Son’s Remains Were Disrespected, Family Says


Exhuming 22-year-old Kyle Antonacci’s remains, five months after his funeral, wasn't easy for his parents, Lisa and Al. And what they...


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