Colonel Michael R. Stahlman, USMC

In early 2011, Stahlman got the first independent confirmation that Mike’s death may not have been a suicide. Michael S. Maloney, a retired senior forensic consultant and NCIS special agent, had offered to review the NCIS’s report—pro bono—“to help bring her closure,” he says. Maloney, who had also been a government expert witness in the Haditha trials, was almost certain that Mike had committed suicide, and his initial review of the evidence suggested that while it would have been difficult for him to shoot himself, it was possible. But Maloney also noticed that photographs of the shooting scene that should have been included with the documents Stahlman received in response to her Freedom of Information Act requests weren’t there. He helped her refile her request. What she got several months later were almost 200 digital images, which Maloney would break apart, pixel by pixel, to analyze for blood spatter, bullet trajectory and “anomalies” at the scene. What Maloney concluded, after nearly a year of analysis, was that there were “clear indications that this crime scene was staged,” he says.




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On July 31, 2008, Colonel Michael Ross Stahlman, USMC, was found in his room at Camp Ramadi, Iraq with a gunshot wound to the left side of his head. The right-handed colonel died Oct. 5, 2008. Despite the fact that he never suffered from depression, within hours, investigators labeled the shooting a suicide attempt. They have stuck with that finding to this day, leaving his widow to bear the task of finding the truth. Read more...