Thomas J. Boyle - Vietnam Vet, Cpl. USMC 

by Pauline Boyle

Thomas Boyle was born in Chicago, Illinois and spent his entire life in service to our country.  After graduation from high school, Tom enlisted in the USMC (Corporal) serving two tours in Vietnam and earned the Cross of Gallantry among other awards.   After his return to the states, Tom Boyle then embarked on a 31-year career as a third-generation Chicago Police officer, once again earning awards and commendations including the capture and conviction of the Strickland brothers for the murder of Wheeling, Illinois police officer Kenneth Dawson.  After 911, Tom once again wished to contribute to our country and began a series of peacekeeping and training missions that took him from Kosovo to Iraq and finally Afghanistan.  

My husband was killed June 19, 2012, on a small FOB outside Kandahar, Afghanistan in his capacity as support for the US Army Criminal Investigation Department (CID) while deployed with members of the 303rd Army Reservist Unit from Jackson Michigan.  Tom was employed by MPRI, a division of L3 Communications as a civilian LEP (law enforcement professional) and it would be representatives of L3 who would inform me of my husband's death.  Initially,  I was told the cause of death was the denotation of a suicide vest.  I cannot say how I knew but only that I knew I was being lied to.  

The Medical Examiner at Dover, Delaware held Tom’s body for 10 days before it was released.  After the funeral, I then requested further information from the medical examiner to include the photos of the autopsy.  It took months to receive these photos, and clearly, there was no suicide vest detonation - my husband was shot multiple times.  AFME has never provided the entire file, photos, scans, ballistic testing, etc. as well as a satisfactory explanation to the first report of suicide bomb detonation.  Eventually, I had my husband’s body exhumed and autopsied.  Not only were the multiple bullet wounds documented (no blast injuries) but also it should be noted that most of these bullet wounds had been probed and sewn shut, especially the chest wounds.  Dover had told me previously that no ballistic testing was done and that no fragments had been found.  All this contradicts the independent second autopsy wherein it is documented there are more entrance wounds than exit wounds.  I have in my possession three death certificates with three different causes of death and the US Army has never provided a complete and accurate accounting of my husband’s death. 

During my nearly 6 year investigation into the true cause of death of my husband, I have FOIA’d CID, the DoD, US Army, USAF, CENTCOM to name a few.  Initially, I was told that no investigation was initiated because my husband was a ‘civilian.’   This would be proven false as I eventually did receive a falsified 15-6. Statements by soldiers present were easily proven false by other documents or forensic documentations.

All of my FOIA ’s have been stonewalled by each entity mentioned - more recently I have been told that the file held by the Air Force was ‘classified’ per Executive Order as a matter of national security.  It has long been my allegation that this file was ‘classified’ only to hide the true cause of death.  Fratricide.  This measure to protect the careers of officers and the IG of the Army who went to extensive extremes to safeguard his promotion.  

Additionally, before his death, Tom took out several life insurance policies, and of course, payouts were denied to me by the ‘war risk exclusion.’  Despite this exclusion being inapplicable as the underwriters knew of Tom’s employment and where he would be deployed - he was sold this insurance without hesitation on the employee website of L3.  Putting this aside, had the cause of death of fratricide (accidental death) been made known,  all of the insurance companies would have been required to pay out to the beneficiary.  I obtained copies of several files - all given reluctantly or by accident - two of which within their notes refer to ‘accidental homicide’ or accident.  The documentation of accidental death could only have been provided by the employer L3 since I had no access to these documents.  And why was the true cause of death shared with insurance companies?  

Additional research indicates the existence of what is called ‘janitor policies,’ these are company based policies which the employer took out on employees, and of course, the employer is the beneficiary.  These policies, also referred to ‘dead peasant policies’ are initiated without the knowledge or permission of the employee and are illegal in Illinois and many other states.  Still, they exist.  This is but one instance of insurance fraud I have uncovered.  Another aspect is the reimbursement of insurance payouts via the Dept of Labor to insurance companies with taxpayer money per The War Hazards Act.   The case of my husband's death is complicated and convoluted but suffice to say the bottom line was financial gain and the protection of careers and the advancement of the war machine.  

My quest is about justice,  about honor, about truth, and about family.  No one should have to endure the lies and roadblocks I have encountered.  

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