Where is the Justice for All?

Breaking News - by KTRK Houston Texas

In a recent Exclusive Interview, the tragic death of Vanessa Guillen was again reported by the media. The reporter openly criticized Fort Hood Leadership for their lack of transparency in an open investigation, but failed to acknowledge decades of Military Families who still are awaiting answers about the deaths of their loved-ones that will, in all probability, never come.

The murder of Vanessa Guillen and the Military's lack of response is a pattern of behavior that far too many Bereaved Military Families have suffered throughout all the service branches. The only difference in this case, has been media outrage and their continued relentless coverage that led Fort Hood to be placed under a microscope by an "independent investigation". The final report, of the "independent investigative group" criticized Fort Hood's failed policies, inadequate leadership and multiple systemic problems within the installation. Unfortunately, it seemed to stop there.

Where is the justice, the outrage, the change for the many forgotten faces seen on this poster? Do their deaths not deserve the same independent, unbiased, legal and transparent investigation? Do their Families not deserve answers?

Please support The Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families. Don't let these faces be forgotten!


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