Schofield Barracks Murder and a 100K Life Insurance Policy

New information, presented in the Army Times, has led to many more questions involving the murder investigation of Army Veteran Selena Roth. According to the Army Times, a 100K Life Insurance Policy was taken out on her, by her estranged husband, less than one month prior to her murder.

The couple had filed for divorce in October 2020 and there has, thus far, been little mention of a 100K Life Insurance Policy an unknown company allowed issued on Dec. 15, 2020.

Spc. Raul Hernandez Perez, an Army Intelligence Analyst, has been charged with the pre-meditated murder of his estranged, Army Veteran Selena Roth. On Jan 13, 2021, her body was found dead in trash bin with blunt force trauma to her head and 4 stab wounds - all from behind.

Headlines in multiple news sources now state that Perez has pleaded "Not Guilty" in military court to first-degree premeditated murder. His trial date scheduled for Nov. 8.

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