Army Times: Slain soldier's wife renews fight for Purple Heart

Military widow, Barbara Allen, is the mother of four boys, she's a published author and she works full time as a Veteran's Specialist in the Greater New York area. A cherished member of the MFFJ family, we fully support Barb in her efforts to raise awareness of the deep implications of military homicides. Since her husband's murder in 2005, she has worked tirelessly to get the Armed Services to reconsider the rules used to determine that the death of her late husband, Lt. Louis Allen, does not warrant the Purple Heart. Lt. Allen and his friend Captain Phillip Esposito, were killed when a fellow soldier purposely aimed a claymore mine through the window of Esposito's office. Their killer walked free. Please take a moment to learn more about this important case.

Ten years after 1st Lt. Louis Allen’s death, his widow is still fighting for him to receive a Purple Heart.

“When my husband was leaving [for Iraq], he was saying how awesome it would be to tell his kids he had a part in this history,” Barbara Allen said. “That was taken from him. He wasn’t even allowed to contribute to that. He can’t tell his story, nobody’s telling his story. He just vanished. His whole legacy is gone.”

Louis Allen, 34, and Capt. Phillip Esposito, 30, were mortally wounded in a June 7, 2005, attack at Forward Operating Base Danger in Tikrit, Iraq. They died a day later.


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