Sadly, yet another reason the Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families is needed. The lack of transparency with death investigations favors no rank or branch of service. Please sign and share. Tell your State Reps. to Sponsor this important Bill!

According to The Washington Post: The family of a general killed in an insider attack doesn't accept the Army's investigation.

"They were all there — Harry Greene’s widow, herself a retired Army colonel; his two children, one a first lieutenant educated at West Point; his father, who’d served as an enlisted soldier at the end of World War II; and his two brothers — and they were all furious. The Afghan soldier, perched in an unsecured military police barracks, opened fire Aug. 5, 2014, on senior U.S. military leaders and Afghan troops at the country’s premiere military academy near Kabul. The insider attack wounded 18 coalition and Afghan soldiers and killed Greene, 55, a two-star general who’d made the Army his life for 34 years." Read more...

SOURCE: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/local/2015/08/19/completely-betrayed/

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