Colonel James Sabow, USMC

"On January 22, 1991, in the backyard of his base house at MCAS, El Toro, CA. Colonel Sabow was found by his wife, dead from a gunshot wound to his head. The NCIS and Base Headquarters immediately designated his death as “suicide”. In fact, within one hour after they arrived at the crime scene, they called Dr. Sabow and informed him that his brother “committed suicide.” Against Department of Navy Regulations (SECNAVINST), his body was taken to the Orange County Coroner rather than to the nearby Balboa Naval Facility and Hospital for a post-mortem examination. The medical examiner at Orange County ruled the death a suicide, in spite of overwhelming autopsy evidence to the contrary.The decedent’s brother, Dr. David Sabow, a prominent neurologist from Rapid City, SD became suspicious of foul play due to a number of inconsistencies. He shared his concerns with the NCIS, as well as a number of senior Marine Corps officers. He became ever more suspicious when relevant documents, including the autopsy report were denied him by the Marine Corps. Having become aware of Dr. Sabow’s concerns, El Toro base commander, Brig. General Tom Adams summoned him to El Toro for a meeting. Dr. Sabow accompanied by Sally Sabow, the Colonel’s widow, sat through a 5-hour vicious and grueling session. Dr. Sabow was assured that Colonel William Lucas who was the chief legal officer at El Toro at the time his brother’s death, would be present to answer pertinent questions that bothered the Sabow family." Read more.

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